Let Our Austin TX Roofing Contractor Show You How Single Ply Roofing Can Protect Your Existing Roof

Single ply systems are a straightforward solution to complicated roof problems. Flexible sheets of specially engineered synthetic rubber are spread out over the surface. The single layer is sealed to your existing roof or a new roof installation. This process creates long-lasting, unmatched leak protection and energy efficiency for commercial or industrial structures. Plus, the look is exceptional!

With a single ply system, you get a truly affordable re-roofing option that is the ideal upgrade for most low-slope or flat roofs. The cost is a fraction of the price of a replacement roof. The seams are six times stronger than those on an EPDM roof.

Top Three Benefits of Single Ply Systems

Single ply systems is durable in spite of unforgiving Texas climates. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays, so it will not degrade and reduce the useful life of the roof.

The white surface reduces the cost of cooling a building’s interior. White reflects the heating of the sun, keeping the surface cooler. This energy savings has prompted federal, state and local governments to offer incentives for retro-fitting light colored roofing.

It’s extremely fire resistant. It is very difficult for a fire to spread or even begin with Class A rated single ply systems.

How We Fasten Single Ply Systems to Your Existing Roof

Mechanical fasteners are attached and sealed around the perimeter of the roof. Or, a process is used to create a vacuum that holds the sheeting in place. We can also fully attach the system with adhesives.

For Industry – Double Protection

The membrane is resistant to chemicals and pollutants. So substances in the air outside an industrial building will not damage it. And more importantly, they can not seep into the surface.

But What About the Seams in Single Ply Systems?

Owners who need to fix an endless succession of leaks understandably worry about this. The synthetic rubber sheets are laid side by side and fastened with metal and screws. Then each seam is cleaned, so no dirt or debris fouls the seal. The seams are heat welded to one another.

High heat makes the rubber-to-rubber bond unbreakable. In addition, we can spread a liquid version of the synthetic material to coat the seams. Watertight!

Single ply systems are cut to be sealed around HVAC and other roof equipment. No removal necessary.

Ask the Austin TX roofing professionals how single ply systems elevate building insulation, saving you energy dollars every day. Call 512-759-8567 and find out how your roof can pay you back.

We install single ply systems throughout all of Texas, including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and Amarillo.