Talk to Austin TX Roofing Contractors About Applying Rubber Roof Coating to Your EPDM Roof

Rubber roof coating adds superb energy efficiency and extra protection for your building, while extending the life of your existing EPDM roof. An estimate will convince you of its affordability.

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Protection for Rubber Roofs

The old rubber on aging EPDM roofing shrinks and cracks. Leak protection disappears, and wind resistance diminishes. A seamless coating – applied to the rubber we refurbish first – results in years of worry free and maintenance free service.

The life of your roof is extended with rubber roof coating. We make certain the coating bonds for years of trouble-free service:

  • We first power wash with a unique cleaner, to ensure nothing interrupts the bond between the rubber and the next coat.
  • A one-of-its kind primer goes on next over the clean rubber.
  • The next step is a major reason the life of a roof is extended with rubber roof coating. After a complete base coat, we lay fabric seams anywhere the EPDM might leak. Fabric and the base coat are engineered to form a strong bond.
  • After your roof has been patched, primed and prepared, the entire surface gets the top coat.

It’s like SPF-30 for your roof. When a light-colored rubber roof coating covers the dark EPDM, the sun’s energy is reflected off of the surface. In the Texas summer sun, any roof can reach 140 degrees; a reflective roof can lower that to 90 degrees. This means significantly less demand for cooling in the commercial or industrial space below. Because the coating is insulation, far less heat and cold pass through. By way of comparison, an EPDM dark roof barely reflects away six percent of solar heating energy. Think of how hard your air conditioning has to work with a rubber roof!

Not only will you see greatly reduced utility bills, but also you’ll get longer life from your heating and air conditioning systems. Energy savings are so impressive the cost savings can cover much of the price of the rubber roof coating.

Other Things to Consider Regarding Rubber Roaf Coating

  • As your roof ages, constant contact with the elements makes it far more prone to damage. The rubber wears down, so the roof insulates even less well than it did when it was new. And then the leaks begin.
  • The cost of constant patching adds up over time.
  • A whole new roof is demonstrably more costly than increasing the life of the current one.
  • You can keep wondering when the inevitable will happen, or get rubber roof coating to ensure it never does.

Even if your roof isn’t springing constant leaks, aging EPDM is a leak waiting to happen. Let us demonstrate how the process goes far beyond a rudimentary patch. Our customers love the effortless, long-term solution to an EPDM roof that is showing its age. The owner of any building with a rubber roof will see immediate energy savings, and get Class A fire-resistance.

Contact us online or call 512-759-8567 to discover the top three benefits of upgrading to rubber roof coating: a layer of protection, years of life added to your current roof, and substantial cost savings from reduced energy use.

We provide rubber roof coating in Dallas Texas and throughout Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Amarillo.