Let Our Austin TX Roofing Contractors Install or Repair Your Metal Roof

Metal roofing has been engineered to outperform shingles, tiles and even slate. It offers the proven strength and durability of metal, plus it’s remarkably energy-efficient. Styles are available that complement home exteriors, offer affordability and long-lasting service for commercial buildings, and weather the rigors required of industrial structures.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Does not bubble or crack.
  • Energy-efficient when insulated. A white roof significantly cools the surface, reducing demand for interior air conditioning.
  • Withstands strong Texas thunderstorms better than other roofing materials. Because metal roofing is so popular in hurricane-prone states, the fasteners have been engineered to withstand tropical force winds.
  • Sheds water – no absorption; no leaking through a cracked surface.
  • Cannot be penetrated by hail and stands up well to blowing debris.
  • Does not decompose.
  • Requires very low maintenance – just an occasional power wash if desired.
  • Thoroughly rust-resistant because it’s coated with special oxidation inhibitors at the factory.
  • Lasts up to 50 years when installed by experienced contractors like Longhorn Commercial Roofing.

According to a university study, metal roofs are not noisier than asphalt roofs. The acoustics researchers concluded that metal does not register significantly higher sound levels than asphalt roof systems. In fact, an insulation layer below metal absorbs and muffles sound. In an asphalt roof, a layer of tarpaper is all that stands between noise and you.

Metal roof coatings: How to make a new metal roof impermeable, and give your aging roof years of trouble-free service.

Metal roof coating eliminates leaks and averts rust in an existing roof, and transforms new and older roofs into an energy efficient cost-cutter. It goes on as a liquid, and then dries to a seamless, bright, next-generation elastomeric coating that prolongs the life of your roof. It’s the economical roofing solution for an aging metal roof.

Your old metal roofing is restored. We use a robust power wash, with either a rust remover or a specially designed dirt and debris cleaner. Treating is the next step. Outstanding products have been formulated to stop oxidation from developing again, and are liberally applied. Metal screws in your existing metal roof can be the source of leaks. They are tightened and caulked as a further precaution against leaks and rust. The process also makes the metal thoroughly ready to bond with the coating.

How effective is the reflectiveness of light or white-colored metal roofing?

It reflects back 85% or 90% of the energy of the sun. This has earned the ENERGY STAR and LEED Green Building certification, qualifying these metal roofs for tax credits. Special financing may also be available for light roof retro-fitting.

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