Talk to Our Austin TX Metal Roof Coating Contractors About Extending the Usefulness of Your Existing Roof

Metal roof coatings take a practical and popular roofing material to the next level of durability and usefulness. When your roof is coated with layers of protection, you eliminate leaks and avoid rust, while transforming your metal roof from an energy waster into an energy efficient cost cutter.

Metal roof coatings are the innovative solution for commercial, industrial, farm and ranch structures. Call Longhorn Commercial Roofing at 512-759-8567 for immediate action.

Our Pre-Coating Steps:

Rust and grime are eliminated with robust power wash, either using a rust remover or a specially designed dirt and debris cleaner.

Your roof is treated with a formula to stop oxidation from developing again.

Metal screws in your existing roof are tightened and caulked as a further precaution against leaks and rust. Each and every one of the hundreds of screws is treated prior to applying metal roof coatings.

You may have heard this referred to as metal restoration or MR. This is precisely what our experts do to your metal roof. We restore the metal so that it will give years of flawless service as the foundation of the roof. The process also makes it thoroughly ready to bond with metal roof coatings.

The seams of metal roofs are leaks waiting to happen. So we take three critical steps to seal seams:

  1. We spray our base coat on every seam. Even if there are hundreds of yards of seams on a metal roof, no length is disregarded.
  2. Next a fabric sealer is applied to the seams. At this point in the process you can clearly see the protection that’s being built right into the roof in preparation for metal roof coatings. Fabric and the base coat are engineered to bond.
  3. Then, another base coat goes on the whole roof before the fabric sealer dries, to fortify the bond.

Finally, the top coat is uniformly sprayed over the total surface leaving a seamless, very attractive color that makes your metal roof look brand new.

The materials carry a warranty of up to 15 years and provide you with the following benefits:

  • Because it is a reflective roof, it can cut roof temperature by 30%. This means that heat isn’t passing into your building, which dramatically reduces energy use for cooling.
  • White metal roof coatings have earned the government’s ENERGY STAR approval.
  • Your utility costs drop, and the roof begins paying for itself in savings. You can recoup the full cost in seven years or less.

The time and expense required to completely take off your old roof and replace it is significantly more than the affordability and efficiency of applying metal roof coatings. There will be minimal disruption to your customers, your work or your employees.

The products we use carry a Class A fire-resistance rating. A number of coatings are available on the market today, but we only use products with materials proven to perform exceptionally well in Texas.

Metal roof coatings have solved a lot of problems on Texas roofs. Contact us online or call 512-759-8567 to put us to work protecting and improving your roofing.

We install metal roof coatings in Austin and throughout Texas, including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Amarillo.