Austin Texas Elastomeric Roof Coating Installation

Elastomeric roof coatings go on as a liquid, and then dry to a seamless, bright and clean layer that prolongs the life of your roof. You’ve found the economical roofing solution for a list of different types of roofs, including BUR, modified bitumen, metal, cement and EPDM.

Let’s talk about the reasons elastomeric roof coatings create immediate and long term savings for you:

  • Weather-proof. It gets the name “elastomeric” because of its elasticity; it stretches in the Texas summer heat. At night when it cools down, the coating goes back to its original size. Think of the damage this weather may cause in other materials: crackling, buckling, broken waterproof seals, etc.
  • Stays put in strong winds because of strong adherence properties.
  • Resists dust.
  • Eliminates sun deterioration.
  • Does not add “dead weight” to your structure.
  • Energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency of Elastomeric Roof Coatings

For many, energy efficiency is the most important reason for elastomeric roof coatings, because this leads to significant savings. White elastomeric roof coatings reduce air-conditioning costs. Studies prove that you can save 20 cents of every dollar you are currently spending on your utility bill with a white roof.

Have you ever heard that a dark colored car is hotter in summer than a lighter one? That’s because white and lighter colors deflect heat, while dark colors attract it. A reflective white roof bounces away the solar rays; a traditional dark roof holds heat, ensuring it passes through to your building’s interior. Your dark roof is making your air conditioner work harder and wear faster. With a lighter roof, your air conditioning system will last longer because the demand for cooling has been significantly reduced.

How Effective are Elastomeric Roof Coatings at Reflecting Light?

Elastomeric roof coating reflect back 85% or 90% of the energy of the sun. This has earned the ENERGY STAR and LEED Green Building certification, qualifying these roofs for tax credits. Special financing may also be available for light roof retro-fitting.

Additional Savings

Elastomeric roof coatings make your current roof last many, many more years – 20 years or more! During that time, you can expect your coated roof to adhere well and maintain high sun reflection; that means long-term savings for you. Additionally, you don’t have to pay to have your existing roof removed, because the coating is sprayed on your existing roof.

You know your roof needs attention. We’d like you to know that roof coatings cost 50% less than re-roofing. Find out why it’s the right choice for your home or commercial buildings. Contact us online or call the elastomeric roof coating professionals at 512-759-8567 to speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service professionals.

We provide elastomeric roof coatings throughout all of Texas, including Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Amarillo.