Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX – Flat Roof Drainage Solutions

Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX – Flat Roof Drainage Solutions

Flat roofing systems have a very long history across the nation, especially when it comes to commercial construction. However, flat roof systems depend immensely on proper drainage of rain and snow in order to preserve the roofs integrity. Without it, pooling water can happen and with such, leaks will occur, deterioration can happen in the roof’s membrane and ice formation will occur during the winter. Below are the three different types of drainage systems that will work the best for flat roofing systems. Call Longhorn today for all of your Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX needs.
Interior Drains – The interior drainage system is comprised of drains that are placed at intervals near the center of the roofing system and an internal network of gutters and pipes that will assist in transporting the water to the exterior of the building. The drains are usually topped with a strainer that will help prevent falling leaves and other debris from finding their way inside the pipes, potentially stopping them up. These are often a great solution for large roofing systems where water tends to collect towards the center of the roof. They are also aesthetically appealing due to all of the components being located inside of the roof and thus are invisible to someone that is looking at it from the outside. However, this type of drain tends to be quite expensive to install rather than exterior drainage systems and in doing so will represent quite a significant investment.

Scuppers – Scuppers are outlets that are placed on the edge of a roofing system. They help force water that drains off the roof away from the building. By doing so, they assist in keeping the walls of the building dry and help prevent the foundation from becoming destabilized over time due to the exposure of water. Scuppers are more cost effective than interior drain systems, but they operate best when all of the water is directed to them using a tapered insulation system or a sloped structure. Scuppers are a great solution for areas that receive heavy rains, but they are not ideal in climates that will experience snow frequently.

Gutters – Gutters are the most common installed system and are open pipes that are attached to the edges of the roof. They capture water as it drains from the roof and they carry it away from the building through a series of pipes. They are typically the most cost effective drainage solution since they can be attached to a finished roof without any need for modification of the roof itself. Gutters are also great at dealing with variable levels of not only rain but snow also. As with drains and scuppers, gutters do regularly need to be maintained in order to clear any debris that may have found its way inside of them in order for them to continue functioning as needed and prevent water backup and the possibility of water pooling on the roof.

The engineer for your commercial building will be able to help decide on what type of drainage system is best for your commercial building. Additionally, you should make sure that the commercial roofing contractor that you plan on hiring is experienced in installing all three of these drainage systems. While a proper drainage system design is critical for the overall reliability of any roofing system, a quality installation ensuring the design is implemented professionally and properly is critical.

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