Put Our Experienced Commercial Roofers to Work on Your Next Roof Installation or Rehabilitation Project

In 40 years as commercial roofers, Longhorn Commercial Roofing has seen changes in products. But none as significantly cost-effective as roof coatings. We started with standard roofing materials, but saw the uncomplicated value of coating systems. They save an existing roof, solve its problems, and give it years more life – with the bonus of energy efficiency.

A lot of commercial roofers say they do roof coatings; it is our specialization. Trust experience. Call 512-759-8567 today for a free estimate.

Every roof has ins-and-outs. The reason building owners and managers are flocking to elastomeric roof coatings is that there is a solution for virtually any kind of roof. In an era of deferred capital expenses, you owe it to yourself to call and get a free estimate on the solution for your roof.

Are we really commercial roofers who don’t sell new roofs? Not exactly. We create new roofs by restoring your old one with problem-solving sprayed or rolled-on polymer membranes:

Reflective coatings to upgrade energy efficiency
Metal roof coatings
Elastomeric roof coatings
Single ply systems
Flat roof coatings
Polyurethane foam roofing
Rubber roof coating
Reinforced ply systems
TPO roofing
Built-up asphalt roof

Commercial roofers are seeing massive demand for reflective roofs, so of course we provide products that come in white. A white roof is a cool roof; it bounces solar rays away from the surface. That is heat not being passed through the roof into the interior of your building. The decrease in the cost of air conditioning as a result will pay your company back the cost of the roof system. These savings are on top of the savings banked, because you did not have to pay for tearing off and replacing your existing roof.

Metal roof coatings stop leaks. Rust is eliminated, and hot metal becomes a cool energy-saver. Your roof lasts longer because the coating maintains integrity for so long.

Elastomeric roof coatings are virtually weather-proof. They are “elastic”. In heat the coating stretches then it cools back to its original size. Commercial roofers know that causes cracks in other roofing materials.

Single ply systems solve complicated roof problems with a straightforward solution: flexible sheets of synthetic rubber are unrolled, fastened and sealed to your existing roof. It’s strong, elastic, good looking and long-lasting.

Flat roof coatings are engineered to eliminate chronic leaking, ponding and rapid deterioration associated with flat roofs. Whether your current roof is hot-tar; modified bitumen; rubber; built-up; or single-ply, commercial roofers have seen owners get 20 more years of useful life out of their roof.

Polyurethane foam roofing is seamless and as a result, leak-proof. It has 85% reflectivity, deflecting so much of the sun’s energy that it can pay for itself in four to seven years of lowered cooling costs.

Reinforced ply systems are a four-ply watertight membrane, made extra tough with a layer of embedded fabric. It will stand up to extreme weather, resist punctures from flying branches, and cut energy consumption

You have found commercial roofers whose work is certified by the most prominent roof coating manufacturer. Contact us online or call 512-759-8567 today for a free estimate.

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