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Roof Repair vs. Replacement | Longhorn Commercial Roofing Austin, TX

Matt Parker - Friday, September 15, 2017

For more than 40 years, Longhorn commercial roofing in Austin, TX has provided quality commercial roofing throughout the state of Texas. By providing experienced roofers with expertise and superior customer service, Longhorn Construction has become a leading roofing contractor recognized for its quality craftsmanship. When you are considering roof repair vs. replacement, call for the experienced guidance of a Longhorn Construction professional, where you know your roof is in competent hands.

Roof Repair vs. Replacement | Longhorn Commercial Roofing Austin, TX

Whether your roof requires repair, replacement or when you need a new installation, we work closely with our clients to provide a roofing solution that works for your business. Each roof is different, so are its needs and the potential roofing materials. A Longhorn commercial roofing in Austin, TX representative will provide you with the information you need, in order for you to make an informed decision. Factors you will need to consider include roofing material, whether or not you want a roof that increases insulation, reduces noise, required maintenance, regulatory compliance,  and pricing, for example.

All roofs require periodic maintenance, and the amount and type required varies, depending on the type of roof serving your building.  We will provide you with the facts, and our recommendation according to your needs, your budget, desired energy consumption, and maintenance preference.

Replacing a Roof

A roof installed with first quality craftsmanship should last for many years. While superior construction may make it less vulnerable to storm damage, it cannot make it impervious to all the potential storm factors. Storms come and go, but a well constructed roof is more likely to weather it without damage. Blowing debris is one reason you should always inspect your commercial roof after a storm. Early intervention when damage does occur can be the difference of being able to repair, or the need to replace the roof.  Wear and tear from age will also eventually take its toll on your roofs integrity. When faced with roof replacement, ensure you choose a reputable, experienced, licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor. Longhorn commercial roofing in Austin, TX can provide the quality and expertise you require for your roofing needs.

The Signs You May Need a New Roof 

         The average lifespan of a commercial roof varies, depending on the roofing material. Other factors that can affect the roof's longevity, include environmental conditions, and whether or not it has received routine maintenance. The age of the roof is a good indicator of when replacement may be an expected.

         Leaks can occur due to different reasons, such as poor craftsmanship, loose flashing and damage. Flashing is installed around the roofs perimeter and intrusions, such as ventilation pipes. Age is a major cause of the need for roof replacement, and the aged roof will eventually develop leaks with possible damage to the roof substructure.  When water ponds on the roof, leaks are more likely to occur. Ponding can cause leaks and failure of the roof substructure as the size grows, and weight of water increases. Contact Longhorn commercial roofing in Austin, TX for an evaluation of your roof's condition, and the solution you need.

         Bubbles and blisters on the roof surface  indicate moisture is in the roof cover. Leaks may occur, and the roofs lifespan will be reduced. Longhorn commercial roofing in Austin, TX can provide the repair required for this and other roof problems.

         When choosing between roof repair vs. replacement, there are a number of considerations. For example, a roof with a recent leak and sound structure is likely to qualify for repair or a roof coating. On the other hand, a roof with long term leaks, and structural damage is more likely to require replacement. Roof coating is an option for many roof problems, and can save you money vs. the cost of replacement. Not every roof is a candidate, but the majority are, even when they require some repair.

         Advanced deterioration due to environmental factors, such as extreme heat or cold, will reduce a roof's lifespan. Solutions are available for environmental extremes, and can reduce the impact. If your commercial roofing  is showing wear and tear, have your roof inspected for a possible replacement or roof coating. Contact Longhorn commercial roofing in Austin, TX today to schedule a free roofing estimate.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Longhorn commercial roofing in Austin, TX has more than forty years of experience in commercial roof repair. Our professional roofers are qualified to handle any roof repair project. Why Longhorn for your roofing needs? For more than 40 years we have maintained the goals of honesty, integrity, and the practice of fine craftsmanship for roofing throughout Texas. That is because we think you deserve the best quality roofing possible, and when you contact us for roofing services, we are committed to providing it.

Longhorn Construction strives to exceed your expectations with every job we provide. When you call Longhorn commercial roofing in Austin, TX for your commercial roofing, you receive a first quality installation by one of the nations most experienced commercial roofing contractors. Give us a call for a free roofing estimate when you are faced with the decision of roof repair vs. roof replacement.

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