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Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX – Roof Water Drains

Matt Parker - Friday, December 15, 2017

Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX – A roof drains purpose is to distribute water away from the roof in order to assist in protecting it. A roof drain installed with the wrong pipe size will not perform as intended and in fact may even generate more problems than it solves. Roof drains come in many different shapes, sizes, and will vary on the roof and building wherever they are installed. When roof water drains are designed and installed professionally and properly, they will still require periodical maintenance in order for them to perform optimally and as intended. Before you decide on which roof drain system you are interesting in using for your Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX, you need to consider a few things such as the roof size, pitch, drain location, inflow rate, safety requirements and rainfall volume.

Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX – Roof Water Drains

Roof drains should be spaced out equally from one another and should be located in low points of the roof where water will accumulate. In order to figure out the roof drain size you will need to first calculate the surface area of the Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX that the drains will be covering and you will also need to determine the average hourly rainfall rate in the location where the building will be located.

Next, you will need to determine the roof area drained by each leader. Divide the roof area by the area per each leader in order to ascertain the amount of drains that will be required. Pick a drain pipe size that is large enough to accommodate the amount of water that will need to be drained; the larger the pipe the fewer the roof drains that will be required.

How to Choose the Right Roof Drain

In order to pick out the correct roof drain, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Type of roof
  • The pitch of the roof
  • Volume of average rainfall
  • Storm design criteria
  • Rate of drainage
  • Overflow requirements
  • Roof load
  • Drain locations
  • Drain sizing
  • Vandal proofing
  • And others…

Flat Roof Water Drain

If your commercial building will have a flat roof then you will need to have a flat roof drain installed. This type of drain system can be installed on either a flat or almost flat roof surface that has less than a two percent slope. The drain will need to be connected to rain gutters in order to help divert the water away from the building. In order to prevent debris and other potential obstructions that can block the drain or gutters you should install a flat roof drain with covers.

Siphonic Roof Water Drain

Siphonic roof drains are designed to operate at full capacity whenever water is vacuumed from the Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX into the drain at higher speeds when compared to a flat roof drain system. These roof drains allow the designer to install a minimal amount of roof drains and have them connected to a single rain pipe. The siphonic roof drain makes usage of siphoning in order to drain water from the roof faster than any other roof drain system.  It usually will cost more than a regular roof drain system but it will also work much more smoothly and also helps reduce the requirements for maintenance. This type of drain system will be connected by making use of horizontal rain pipes instead of having sloped or downward pipes.

Green Roof Water Drains

Green roofs are a trending roofing solution that is catching greater attention across the globe. This new trend in roof drains will also replace the traditional roof with a green roof. Green roofs have many benefits such as reducing outside noises, reducing heat transfer within the building and even improving air quality. A green roof drainage system is designed to help accommodate the drainage while protecting the building structure with heavy waterproofing membranes. If you would like to learn more or if you are looking for a professional install for Commercial Roofing in Austin, TX then get in touch with Longhorn Commercial Roofing today to speak to one of our representatives and set up an appointment with us at your earliest convenience.

About Longhorn Commercial Roofing

For many years Longhorn Commercial Roofing has been leading the pack as a top commercial roofing and general commercial contractor company. With impeccable customer service, competitive pricing, superior results and professionalism that is hard pressed to beat, Longhorn Commercial Roofing has been assisting clients across the nation with their construction needs. If you are looking for commercial roofing in Austin, TX then do not hesitate to give us a call.

From the very first day of our inception, we made a rock solid commitment to focus on three primary objectives; superior customer service, competitive pricing and an ethical approach to business practices. With decades of experience under our belt, and projects that span more than 2.7 billion square feet of roofing, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Longhorn Commercial Roofing also offers one of the best warranties in the industry; 20 year renewable warranties for roofs that we install. You can rest assured knowing that when you choose Longhorn Commercial Roofing for commercial roofing in Austin, TX that you are in very capable and professional hands.

Longhorn Commercial Roofing looks forward to serving our clients with impeccable customer service while being able to promote an ECO-friendly, long lasting, energy efficient construction solution for your needs with commercial roofing in Austin, TX and other general commercial contractual needs. At Longhorn Commercial Roofing our goal at building a better world for not only our clients and their customers but for future generations to come through foresight, innovation and most of all uncompromised integrity is but just a call away.  If you are looking for commercial roofing in Austin, TX or any other related needs then do not hesitate to give us a call today to speak with one of our professional representatives who will answer your questions. 

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